Product Description

Dietes Iris

Dietes Iris
Product NamePlant
Sub TypeEvergreen perennial
DescriptionDietes Iris
Height2' to 3'
Width2' to 3'
USDA Zones8 to 10
Sun ExposureFull sun to partial shade
Cold Hardiness20 to 30 F
Bloom ColorYellow w/maroon
Blooming SeasonMarch through May; September through October
Attracts BirdsTRUE
Attracts ButterfliesTRUE
Growth RateModerate growth rate
Litter RateLow litter rate
Water UsageModerate water usage
Notes"Use Evergreen iris near water features, streams or pools. Leaves are stiff and iris-like, flowers resemble Japanese iris. Remove seeds but not flower stalks to prolong bloom. Native to South Africa."
Common Names"Fortnight Lily, Morea Iris"