Product Description

Creosote Bush

Creosote Bush
Creosote Bush
Product NamePlant
Sub TypeEvergreen shrub
DescriptionCreosote Bush
Height8' to 10'
Width6' to 8'
USDA Zones7 to 9
Sun ExposureReflected sun to partial sun
Cold Hardiness5 to 40 F
Bloom ColorYellow
Blooming SeasonApril through September
Attracts BirdsTRUE
Growth RateModerate growth rate
Litter RateLow litter rate
Water UsageLow water usage
Notes"Open, vase shaped shrub with light gray bark and olive green leaves are aromatic after rains. Yellow flowers are followed by fuzzy gray fruit. Native to deserts of the Southwest U. S. and northern Mexico. "
Common Names"Coville, Greasewood, Guamis"