Product Description

AGAVE desmettiana

AGAVE desmettiana
AGAVE desmettiana
Product NamePlant
Sub TypeEvergreen succulent shrub
DescriptionAGAVE desmettiana
Height1' to 2'
Width3' to 4'
USDA Zones9 to 11
Sun ExposureFull sun to partial shade
Cold Hardiness25 to 40 F
Bloom ColorYellow
Blooming SeasonMay and June
Growth RateSlow growth rate
Litter RateLow litter rate
Water UsageLow water usage
Notes"Grows best in light shade and may sunburn in full sun. Pups heavely, produces many bubils. No known natural populations of this plant exist, grown and propigated in gardens. Originally thought to be from Vera Cruz, Mexico."